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To improve quality of teaching and learning in the rural and deprived communities using our STEM program



We raise funds to train , support and set up STEM centers in rural communities.

Who we are

Bountiful STEM education foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Bountiful technologies ltd in 2019. Our vision to equip all deprive schools with the necessary materials to teach STEM education. As the presence of Educational Robotics in the classroom increases, so too do the responsibilities and concerns of educators, administrators, parents and students alike.

How best can we utilize this new tool that is so rich with different, possible applications? How can we make time for robotics in an already jam-packed school day?


Our Story

These are questions Bountiful STEM Educational Foundation Robotics with Raspberry Pi Programs attempt to answer, by first qualifying the greatest potentialities afforded by Educational Robotics itself.

Bountiful STEM Educational Foundation is committed to increase the quality and accessibility of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education throughout Ghana and Africa with high-quality, accessible, and affordable Robotics, computer programming instructions and assessment.